Our M.Sc. Programme in Computer Science aims to

  • provide a postgraduate level knowledge in computer science, including:
    • mastery of knowledge in state-of-the-art information technology, emerging software technology, and latest research topics in computer science;
    • understanding, analysis, management, and handling of real life information technology problems in workplace;
    • awareness of the latest development in computer science research and computer industry in both worldwide and local contexts.
  • provide a core level of generic skills related to:
    • written and oral communication skills;
    • conduct of literature reviews;
    • analytical skills for problem solving, including critical analysis, problem identification, and devising practical solutions.
  • provide a positive attitude towards and willingness to:
    • communicate and cooperate effectively with other people in teamwork;
    • take up leadership opportunities;
    • propose and present new thoughts or ideas with a critical and open mindset;
    • identify and apply appropriate computer science knowledge to solutions;
    • adapt solutions to reflect social, economic, environmental, health and safety considerations.