Technical Tips

Remote Login

To remote login to CSE SUN workstations from outside through broadband ISP, you can do as follow: Using your SSH software, such as ssh:

  1. $ ssh
    login using your CSE account and password
  2. After login successfully, again you should login our internal workstations for full access of the data and software,
    $ ssh or any one of linux5-16)


File Transfer

Again using your SSH software, such as scp,

$ scp

Only data files under your Unix home directory can be copied at this step. So if you have some files outside your Unix home directory to be copied, you should first copy them to your home directory after you login our internal SUN workstations at step 2 above.


Email Forwarding

After remote login,

  1. create a text file called “.foward” by
    $ pico .forward
  2. type the email address you want to forward to
  3. save a file by “ctrl+o”
  4. exit by “ctrl+x”

You may also create a text file containing the email address to forward to and, then, upload to the Unix home directory.

Besides the CSE email account, you may follow the same steps above to foward emails in the CUHK email account. For further inforamtion, please contact